How It All Began

The kindergarten of the Karl Schubert School was founded together with the school itself, and is inseparably linked to the Kühne family. Beginning in October 1972, the Kühne family provided rooms in their house on Jesuitensteig, which was given the name "Johannahaus" after their eldest daughter. The Karl Schubert School Association was also founded in 1972, under which our kindergarten is also operated.

The school started with two classes as well as a kindergarten group. This first kindergarten was initially run as an integrative group by Genevieve Bachelet. The rooms in the "Johannahaus" soon became too small, and so from 1974 to 1976 our kindergarten as well as the first grade moved to the "Felixhaus" in Speisingerstrasse, which had been made available to us by friends.

In 1976 we were able to acquire the "Martinshaus" in Endresstrasse 99, and the kindergarten and school were reunited once more at one location. But space soon became scarce once more, so that in 1987 the kindergarten moved to its own small house at Kanitzgasse 1a.

From 1991 on, our kindergarten was run in two groups, one of which was an integrative group. Due to lack of space, however, these two groups were again housed in different locations, the integrative group was in Kanitzgasse, the special needs group in the school building in Endresstraße. Unfortunately, this lovely project had to be given up in 2003, when the integrative group was forced to close for cost reasons.

The property at Kanitzgasse 3 was acquired in 1990. The wooden building, which stood where our kindergarten is located today, was initially used for school classes from 1992. Because the former owner still had the right of residence on the upper floor, the reconstruction of the house at Kanitzgasse 3 could not be completed until 2004.

In the meantime, the building at Kanitzgasse 1 had also been rented. When the house was put up for sale, we decided with a heavy heart to give up the "Martinshaus" in Endresstraße altogether.

In the 2010/11 school year—after the acquisition of the property at Kanitzgasse 3 and the construction of the new school building—the kindergarten moved to its current location. The school and kindergarten have been under the same roof again ever since.