for Children in Need of Soul Care


Being awake and attentive to each child is a creative process. This is made possible by the dedication of each and every individual, by small groups and a high ratio of caregivers to children. We strive to help the children find answers to life’s questions.

Awaken talents

Karl Schubert was a special needs teacher with an extraordinarily sensitive, compassionate perception of the goings-on inside others. With an incredible amount of personal warmth, he strove to awaken his students "at their core." His approach is essentially not so much about education per se, but about awakening those abilities and talents that are already present.



am Dienstag, den 19.12.2023 um 18 Uhr

Internationaler Tag der Menschen mit Behinderung

Sonntag, den 03.12.2023
Stephansdom 12 Uhr Hl. Messe


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